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What Kind of Camera Should I Buy for Vlogging

What camera should I buy for vlogging? What is a good vlogging camera? This seems to be not an easy question. But in reality, everything is not that complicated. All you need is to be aware of the budget you can spend, and what kind of vlog you are going to create. Let’s say that most of the cameras, and smartphone cameras as well, can be used for most types of vlogs. So, it looks like you can find something for your budget, even if it is way far from being big. Just don’t forget that apart from the vlogging camera, you will need some extra stuff like a memory card, a tripod, etc. Plan your purchase well.

If you are planning to create a vlog for some small business, for example, it is better to invest in a more professional device, for sure. Why? Thus, you will show the seriousness and quality of your business. But don’t worry. You can save in this case, too. Just check out our article about the best used DSLR vameras for beginners.

What Kind of Camera is Best for Vlogging?

As it was already mentioned above, this depends on your needs first and foremost. Anyways, there are some general suggestions on what a good camera for vlogging or a cameraphone should have for creating vlogs in 2020. Preferably, there should be:

  • a memory card slot as some of your videos will require lots of memory space;
  • a port for an additional microphone as this allows you to enhance the quality of the sound and the overall quality of your content as a result;
  • a flip screen so you can see yourself while shooting a vlog video and create different viewpoints;
  • the Wi-Fi for easy connectivity;
  • a possibility to film in 4K. It is not a must yet, but may become very soon. Besides, it is easier to crop and edit the 4K videos without worsening its quality;
  • a good auto-focus and image stabilization to shoot smoother videos;
  • a good low-light performance.

As you have already understood, even if you stick to all these criteria, you still have a big choice of devices that are perfect for content creators. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared a list of recommended vlogging cameras of a different kind.


A smartphone can be an ideal beginner vlogging camera. Moreover, it can be a great helper for experienced YouTubers as well. So, if you are unsure about this choice, don’t be. It will give you the best value for your money. Just be smart, when buying one as you need it to be up-to-date not for a couple of months, but a couple of years. For now, one of the best choices in our list of the best phones for vlogging and live streaming is the new Galaxy S20. Why? It is a few steps ahead of all its rivals for now.

Samsung Galaxy S20

This is the case when it is really easy to turn a smartphone into a vlogging camera as Samsung Galaxy S20 as it has three cameras. One of them is 108 MPs. The others are more modest, but good as well. The result is great – sharp, detailed and colorful pictures, even in the night or other low-light conditions. The manufacturer increased the size of individual pixels in this model, from 1.4 microns to 1.8 microns. Add this to the larger sensor, and you will understand that Samsung Galaxy S20 triple camera captures more detail and light.

4K vlogging camera is in there, too. Though, as it is in avant-garde, it also allows you to shoot 8K. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Well, the 8K videos take lots of memory space and are impossible to upload to Youtube, but… Such shootings can be cropped and edited without any loss in quality when you export them to 4K or 1080p.

Also, Samsung treats us all with an X10 zoom in this model, which can be much in handy when the subject of shooting is too far. Though, the pre-tests show that it will take some effort to focus well on the zoomed objects. Anyways, it is too early to judge, because all the things still can be improved at the software level

This new model is definitely is to consider as your vlogging tool as its camera pushes the boundaries. If the much complained “ugly” design is not a deal-breaker, Samsung Galaxy S20 can become your #1 tool and helper for years ahead.

While we would recommend taking a look at the best smartphone filmmaking equipment, if you’re set on a smartphone vlogging, these are our current favorites.

DSLR Cameras

A DSLR is a brilliant choice for photographers. Though, it is not a 100% perfect camera for vlogging. Why? Well, they help improve your photos significantly, but they don’t work the same good for videos. Anyways, it is still worth a try if you think it is your choice. Besides, some new models can be considered as decent DSLR vlogging cameras. For example, you can pay your attention to Canon EOS 90D, which we also considered the best DSLR camera to buy for a beginner vlogger. This one is capable to cover your needs both for photos and videos.

Canon EOS 90D

This is one of the most recent models on the market. It has many upgrades to satisfy the growing demand from bloggers and video content creators. Unlike the other DSLRs, Canon EOS 90D offers you a way better 4K video capabilities as it allows you to shoot 4K clips using the full width of the sensor. And if you add Canon’s Dual Pixel Autofocus system there, you will see that this is a fabulous 4k vlogging camera with a powerful 4K video setup for a moderate price.

The above-mentioned autofocus system performs well covering 100% points of the vertical frame and 88% points of the horizontal. So, you have up to 5,000 points in the end. This means you get a good quality of the image and more editing control afterward. Besides, the Canon EOS 90D autofocus provides classy face-detection and eye-detection, which is much in handy for the video bloggers as you mostly shoot yourself.

The design of Canon EOS 90D also gives many benefits for the vloggers. It has a headphone port and a microphone slot which is a must-have if you want to tape a good video. It is not heavy so it is easy to carry with yourself. And, what is more important, it is built in a smart way that allows you to turn the camera and shoot yourself without any problems.

If we are talking about the photography needs, be sure that Canon EOS 90D covers them as well as any decent up-to-date DSLR video blogging camera.

Full-frame Mirrorless Cameras

These are hybrid machines that show great results for everyone, for YouTubers, Instagram bloggers, and other content creators. A mirrorless camera is not the same as a DSLR. As it is clear from the name, such a camera doesn’t require a mirror. Instead of the optical viewfinder which requires that mirror, there is an imaging sensor that is always exposed to light. Due to this, it is smaller than DSLRs what makes it a an optimal digital camera for vlogging. Though, the choice of such a device is not easy sometimes. Normally, they cost much. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a good performing cam for an acceptable price. For example, you can take a closer look at Sony A7 III, the best mirrorless autofocus cameras for 4K video shooting.

Sony A7 III

Sony A7 III is a good choice for those who do both, vlogging and posting pictures to Instagram or Facebook or elsewhere. This camera gives you a maximum of its 24MPs full-frame sensor, 5-axis stabilization system, 2.36-million-dot electronic viewfinder and ergonomic design. The quality of the photos is far above being just good. The pics are sharp and clear, with vivid colors.

The video function is maybe not that perfect as the photo function. However, Sony A7 III is that mirrorless camera for vlogging which allows shooting well-stabilized 4K clips with no great effort. Moreover, it is equipped with a microphone jack and dual SD card slots. Both are vital for video bloggers as you know.

Sony A7 III is not a cheap option, though it has the potential to deliver great pics and videos for years.

The “Compact” or Point and Shoot Cameras

Maybe this type of camera is not the #1 choice for all the vloggers. Nonetheless, it is a good choice for travel vloggers, for example. Or other content creators who are always on the move. They offer good quality photo and video shooting almost as bigger and fancier cameras, but they are small enough to fit them into a pocket. The market is full of such cameras for any budget. But for a vlogger, one of the greatest nowadays models to choose is Sony RX100 VII.

Sony RX100 VII

This is the best compact point-and-shoot camera for sports-oriented and travel vloggers and bloggers. It has a small size, but in the meantime it is powerful. Using its 20-megapixel, 1″ sensor, a rapid Bionz X processor, you get not only fast performance but nicely detailed photos. The 24-200mm, 8X zoom lens covers most of your photography needs.

When it comes to video, Sony RX100 VII can be considered as a good 4k vlogging camera. 4K can be recorded at 30fps and 24fps. FHD 1080p can be taken up to 120fps. Also, this model provides you with a super slow-motion function at 960fps, but at lower resolutions. Sony RX100 VII also has a Real-Time Eye autofocus that helps greatly to stabilize the image while shooting. And the last, but not the least. This vlogging camera has a microphone jack that allows you to connect an external microphone for better sound in your videos.

Action Camera

What is the best compact camera for action shots? It is not hard to guess that an action camera is made for action shots. It is for active people who are willing to capture the moments of their sports activities, travels, etc. And yes, it is a decent choice for the vloggers who record their videos on the go. It is small, portable and allows you creating content with a high-quality image.

GoPro Hero8 Black

Is a GoPro any good for vlogging? GoPro cameras are a bestseller among active people who are into sports, travels, and all other kinds of adventures. GoPro Hero8 Black is even somewhat better then those GoPros you have seen before. Why? Well, they are very suitable for vloggers.

Its 12MPs camera gives you the maximum like a professional vlogging camera should do. If you are doubtful about 12 MPs, don’t be. The image quality doesn’t depend on megapixels only. GoPro Hero8 allows taking crisp and clear pictures with vivid colors even if your subject is active moving. The video is the same good. In this mode, you can switch between four presets: Standard, Slo-Mo, Activity, Cinematic – each of which can be customized if necessary. “Standard” preset allows you to take 1080p videos, “Cinematic” – 4K. The Night Lapse video mode is very helpful when you shoot in low-light conditions.

Okay, the camera is more than good. But what makes GoPro Hero8 a nice choice for vloggers? Its pocket size and folding design with all the additional features like a microphone jack. 2″ flip-up screen, long-life battery, and micro-HDMI connector. And of course, its price, which is quite moderate.

What About the Camcorders?

Your family might still have a camcorder. These cameras were popular more than a dozen years ago. And now they are completely out of trend. Of course, they can still shoot videos and everything, but… nothing more. And the quality is not great. They simply are no good for vlogging. There is no reason to buy a new one. Nevertheless, a family camcorder can be a start for you if you don’t have a penny but have a dream to become a blogger.

So, Which Camera is the Right Choice?

Many cameras are very suitable for content creators. And if you ask yourself: “What kind of camera is best for vlogging?”, you should know that the best one is the one that covers most of your needs. As you have already understood you can even turn a smartphone into a vlogging camera for starters. And with some experience, you will understand what exactly you need and what another camera might be necessary for creating your content.