how to vlog with iphone

How to Vlog with iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Okay, you start shooting your videos for YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Instagram or any other platform. Or maybe you want to make short movies, a nice introductory to your start-up, some clips to post in your social media accounts to promote your services or goods? If the answer is yes, for sure you have asked yourself how to create some good-quality stuff without spending much money. And certainly, you already know that it is possible to do with a smartphone. At this point, everyone wonders which phone is the best for that purpose and why? This article is all about why an iPhone is a brilliant option for vloggers, how to vlog with iPhone, and the tricks that allow getting maximum of it.

How to Vlog with an iPhone

Yes, the smartphone market competition is very high, so there are many wonderful phones for vlogging with great cameras apart iPhones. They do a great job as well, but mostly it concerns photography. When it comes to the videos, the iPhone is probably the best and the most evident choice, if you have a budget for it. Its camera, especially if we are talking about the newest models, allows shooting smooth and crispy videos. iOS camera and software capacities used smartly will give you a great result. Here is a list of tips on how to make a YouTube video on iPhone and get the maximum of your Apple device.

  1. Check if your iPhone has enough storage space
  2. If there is not enough storage space, you won’t be able to make video on iPhone. Do you want to miss an opportunity to record some unusual or funny moments happening around? Or to lose lots of time, when you go to your shooting location all prepared, and discover you are unable to make a clip? Of course, no. So, make sure you have enough storage space in advance. Remove as many old and unnecessary files and applications as you can, and if necessary, buy some iCloud storage.

  3. Check you have enough battery
  4. Remember that when you are filming YouTube videos with iPhone, your device should be fully charged. The battery drains out while you are recording, so if there is not enough charge at some point the camera will stop shooting. And you will have to start filming from the very beginning, but already with a full battery.

  5. Check if the camera lenses are clean
  6. Before shooting a video, double-check if the lens or lenses are clean. This will help you produce the videos with a sharp and crisp picture. To clean the smudges off, use a soft microfiber cloth, not your cotton shirt or a wet napkin.

  7. Go to the Flight or Do Not Disturb mode
  8. How to record YouTube videos on iPhone if you are constantly distracted by calls and various kinds of messages? Make sure you don’t get any call or notifications while shooting, so you can make your video without being interrupted.

  9. Mind which way you hold your device
  10. It is better when you hold your device horizontally while shooting. When your viewers watch the videos, they rotate their devices to go full-screen. If the clip is filmed vertically, it appears constricted in full-screen mode. So, when you shoot for YouTube or other platforms alike, do it horizontally. Though, it is ok to make vertical videos for Instagram, for example. Also, remember that if you are going to merge several clips into one, you need to hold the iPhone the same way for each clip. Thus, you will have less trouble editing afterward.

  11. Get some iPhone videography equipment
  12. Even if the iPhone camera is excellent, you need some additional stuff to make your videos look good. You need a source of extra light, a gimbal or a tripod, a mic and some other stuff. Get more information and suggestions in our special article about the best smartphone accessories of the year (our link http:)

  13. Profit of Auto Exposure and Auto Focus
  14. To find these feature you just need to tap the screen where you want to focus while taking a pic or making videos on iPhone. They allow you to regulate how good the final image will be and prevent people’s faces looking like blobs of light.

  15. Change the frame rate to shoot the best content for different platforms
  16. The new models like iPhone 11 and 11 Pro can produce 4K movies at 24fps, 30fps or 60fps. 60 fps is perfect for Youtube videos that aim to show lots of motion. Besides, 60fps rate will make your clips look really sharp and give you interesting options for editing the footage afterward. 30 fps is the “gold standard” for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. 24fps is good if you want to get a cinematic effect as it is the frame used in all the movies.

  17. Don’t forget to use Slow-Mo when it is suitable
  18. New iPhones give you a possibility to shoot slow motion at FHD and with 40 fps. This means you can make an accent on some special moments. Though, remember that to get a good result, there should be enough light in the location.

  19. Use Editing features of your Camera app
  20. Editing youtube videos on the iPhone has never been easier. You don’t need any third-party app for basic editing. You can crop, rotate, adjust exposure and contrast of your footages with the in-built iOS app. Profit of it to improve your videos.

What is the Best iPhone for Video Recording

There are no doubts that for now the best option for a vlogger is to get iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11. These phones are the newest and more advanced. The camera is a real beast that covers most of your needs. Actually, iPhone 11 Pro has three cameras on the rear and a front camera. This allows making sharp life-looking pictures and videos and uses zoom without any worries. iPhone 11 is the same but there is no 52mm telephoto lens. Though, if you are not a professional photographer, you hardly spot the difference in the result. Both phones allow you to make great YouTube videos on iPhone or perform a decent live stream to YouTube from iPhone. Also, there is a native Camera app that allows you editing your footages without downloading some other software. The same editing is available for all iPhones that have iOS13. So, if you are not ready to purchase a new iPhone, some older models like iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 still work great. And they cost significantly cheaper. Yes, the specifications of their cameras are more modest, but in any case, you get a kickass result.

iPhone 11 Pro: the Best iPhone for Vlogging in 2020

This phone is just brilliant. It has a 12mp 26mm f1.8 wide-angle camera, a 52mm f2.8 2x telephoto, and a super-wide 13mm f2.4. The image capability of all these three cameras is impressive. As a result, when you record YouTube video on iPhone 11 you have crisp and clear photos and videos.

Of course, some other vlogging phones of various brands have similar specifications, and you might wonder why Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the best then? Here are some reasons that make it stand out and be so valuable for video bloggers.

  • iPhone 11 Pro with its wide-angle camera is comparable with GoPro when you want to capture the motion. It has good image stabilization that allows you to record a decent video with a gimbal. So you never miss anything interesting going on around you. Unlike GoPro, your smartphone is always in your pocket. And it delivers you great results as it stabilizes the image and allows you to change the field of view to get desirable results.
  • On your iPhone 11 Pro, you can see all the cameras at the same time and record 4K 60fps clips with two of them simultaneously. For that, you just need to download the Filmic app on Apple Store. This means you can record yourself talking to your audience and all that what you see in real-time, engaging your followers more.
  • This phone has various light modes that allow you to make great shots and videos both day and night time, adjusting temperature, exposure, and color in the meantime.
  • It comes with a deep fusion feature, bringing more details to your shots. It gives your vlogging movie more beautiful frames, makes it look detailed and lively.
  • As a vlogger constantly looking for new ideas, you will love the High-key light mono mode of iPhone 11 Pro. This mode allows you to get studio-like shots with lots of brights and whites and white seamless backdrop background.

Add Some Accessories to Your iPhone When Vlogging

Even with such a fantastic device as iPhone 11 Pro, you will need some smartphone filmmaking equipment to produce flawless videos with sharp picture and clear sound. Your starter’s kit should include:

  • A microphone for recording good audio,
  • An additional source of light,
  • A gimbal or a tripod to stabilize the picture,
  • A power bank to charge your phone when needed,
  • Remote control for the camera,
  • Some specific types of lenses, like “fish-eye”, for example.

All this equipment will significantly ease your work, including the editing stuff because they help get a better image and sound with less effort. Here (our link) you can find out more about the smartphone vlogging kit – list of the best accessories for the vlogging newbies and all the necessary information on them.

How to Edit YouTube Videos on iPhone

How to edit videos on iPhone for YouTube? As it was already mentioned, there is an in-built app that allows editing YouTube videos on iPhone without any other app. Yes, it is basic editing, but for many videos, it is just what you need. But that’s not all. You might not know, but the YouTube iOS app also gives you an option of basic editing before you post your clips. It is an ordinary editor, but it is enough to clean up your footages before you upload them.

With the YouTube iOS app you can:

  • Trim videos to get rid of the unwanted parts.
  • Add background music to your clip, either from YouTube or from your audio library.
  • Add filters.

Pretty good, don’t you think so? Your smartphone already has two primary applications that help you edit YouTube videos on iPhone. But, what if you need a more advanced software, try some third-party editing applications for iPhone like LumaFusion, Magisto, Adobe Premiere Rush or InShot.

Try More Advanced Camera Apps

If what your inbuilt iPhone camera offers you is not enough, try some of these applications. They add many great tools to your arsenal and allow you to film gorgeous youtube videos on iPhone and edit them right away.

  1. iPhocus: Good for Beginners
  2. When you just start your vlogging career, you need simpler tools than the pros. But that doesn’t mean that a simple app like iPhocus will be deceiving. Not at all! On the contrary, this easy-to-use app provides you more control while shooting. Besides, it offers outstanding focus-tracking options that you hardly find in other applications and a remote Wi-Fi control over your camera.

  3. ProMovie Recorder: Cheap Pro App
  4. It is a free-to-download application with an approx. $3 in-app purchase to remove the watermark. Being not that expensive, it provides you a wide range of pro features, from advanced manual controls to bitrate adjustment, anyway. ProMovie Recorder is a good option for beginners though take into consideration that its interface is not that nice and intuitive.

  5. Kinomatic: Camera & Editing
  6. Kinomatic is an app for both, shooting and editing videos. It allows to produce complex videos, edit them without even leaving the app, and sharing them online. The editor has all the basic features like trimming, allows manipulate audio, add titles and music. This is pretty much everything that a novice vlogger might need.

  7. MAVIS: Professional-level App
  8. This app is perfect for those who want to produce professional-level clips as it gives a big choice of tools: vectorscope, focus peaking, waveform monitor, zebras, false color, audio metering, custom frame rates, and resolutions, etc. It gives you full manual control while recording your movie. In the end, you get a brilliant result after some practice. MAVIS gives you a chance to make a masterpiece.

  9. Filmic Pro
  10. It is the most professional iOS application for now. And it is perfect for you if you are very serious about shooting Hollywood-level content. Do you know that it was used to make such movies as Steven Soderbergh’s “High Flying Bird” or Sean Baker’s “Tangerine”? Getting this app, you get full manual control on ISO, exposure, saturation, tint, audio recording, etc., while shooting. Just be careful if you are a novice videographer as the abundance of features and controls can be overwhelming.

How to Put Your Video on YouTube

Here we are, the video is ready and now you need to upload it. You can do it straight from your iPhone. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your vlog’s YouTube account
  2. Tap on the “Camera” icon.
  3. Choose a video from your library, record right from Youtube app or go live stream to YouTube from iPhone.
  4. After you choose a video from your iPhone, you can add a title and description to it, add a location if necessary and set privacy.

Also, you can download the YouTube studio application that will help you to schedule your posts, monitor channel and video performance, update video details like thumbnail pictures, etc.

Bottom Line

Now, you know all the basic stuff on how to make YouTube videos on iPhone and post them. Choose your model of iPhone, set up your camera and buy some equipment for better video quality, do some editing and upload the result to your channel. It is as easy as that. Though, be smart and don’t forget that any product should be marketed to become visible. Don’t forget to make descriptions of your videos, give them easy-searchable names, and do some promotion in other social media. Good luck!