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How to Use Camera Lens with iPhone

There are no doubts that nowadays smartphone cameras are just amazing. They really do a good job. And they are always with you, in your pocket, which makes them a perfect tool for vloggers. But, what should you do if you need to upgrade your photos and videos? Use the best iPhone camera lens attachments! This is a one-size-fits-all option to upgrade the final result as it fits also the older iPhones.

So, how do you use a camera lens on a phone? First of all, you need to understand which final result you are craving for. This will help you choose the right lens. Then, you have to choose which type of attachment you prefer. There are the lenses to attach like a clip and the lenses that need a special phone case. After you make a choice, you just mount the lens on your iPhone camera and start using it. This is as simple as ABC. Though, choosing the right type of lens might be a problem. This article is here to help. Read on and you will know more about various types of lens, the effects the offer, and how to take better photos and videos with iPhone lenses.

How to Use Wide-Angle Lens on iPhone?

Wide-angle lenses are to get a much wider field of view. It makes your whole shot wider. This is very much in handy when you want to capture various landscapes, cityscapes, and architecture. This means it can be very useful for street, real estate and travel or even night-sky photography and video shooting, but not only. The portraits made with a wide-angle lens are fantastic as well. Wide-angle lenses give a dramatic perspective and a sense of presence. Thus, the image is more engaging and attractive. And it shows everything from a bit different angle. So, give these lenses a try, experiment and improve your footages to the DSLR level!

Be aware that using such a lens, you better not zoom but come closer to the object to avoid distortion. Also, if you are going to shoot videos with your gimbal, consider buying a lens that mounts to your phone with a special phone case, not with a clip. Otherwise, the lens will move and ruin your record. Also, if you have two or more cameras and the camera app you use doesn’t allow you to switch between the cameras with various lenses, you better choose a third-party app that gives you more control.

How to Use an Attached Telephoto Lens?

This type of lens is called so because they provide a telescoping effect. This means it lets you take amazing snaps with your iPhone even if the subject is far away. Telephoto has a long focal length, from 85mm to 300mm. Using such external lenses on your iPhone is perfect for capturing wildlife, sports, and sports events. Also, they are much appreciated and used in portrait photography. Telephoto with 85mm -135 mm focal lengths are perfect for daily use on your iPhone as they are lightweight and multifunctional, for all the mentioned above purposes. The other types of telephoto like 135mm – 300mm+ lens give more reach for far-away things, and even a telescope-like magnification, but… They are for pro cameras and professional use.
So, how to use telephoto lens on your iPhone? Everything is easy. First, you have to mount them. Here, again you have a choice between clip on phone camera lenses, or those which need a special phone case with camera lenses anchorage. Opt for the clip type, if you are going to take selfies. If not, both variants are good. Start creating and experimenting with all the possibilities a telephoto lens gives: flattering portraits, blurred background, zooming, etc.

How to Use a Macro Lens?

How to use camera lens for iPhone when we are talking about small subjects like flowers? And what kind of lens do you need? Use a macro lens attachment. It gets you closer to the subject in a second. Actually, it is a magnifying glass for your iPhone. It focuses much nearer than your native lens and allows to fill the frame with flowers, insects or other small objects, providing the image with more detail.
So, how to use a macro lens on iPhone? Clean and mount it on your device. Make sure that you have enough light coming to the area of the shooting, so the final image is clear. And, use a tripod! The camera should be still to get the best result. Also, check if the lens provider has a special camera app that facilitates taking pics with their product. Or, look for a third-party app that gives you more control.

How to Get the Most Out of Anamorphic Lens?

An anamorphic lens attached to your iPhone will give a cinematic look to your shootings. This is your #1 choice if you want your videos to look more professional and fascinating. Normally, the anamorphic lenses are made for pro cameras and they cost a lot. Don’t be upset. Nowadays, you can find some high-quality anamorphics for smartphones which are more than affordable and still do a fantastic job.

So, how do you get the most out of anamorphic lens on iPhone? Here are some tips. For cinematic look, choose for 24 fps in the settings, then use a neutral density filter to control the amount of light passing through the anamorphics and take more control over exposure. Also, don’t forget that you need to shoot horizontally for this effect. Then, keep in mind that your shooting will look a bit squeezed and will need some post-production. It can be made with an app provided by the lenses’ producer or by a video editing computer software. The process is normally pretty easy and requires just a couple of clicks or taps.

How to Use Fisheye Lens?

A fisheye lens is a lens is an ultra-wide-angle lens for panoramic and hemispherical view. Though, it is a big no among many photographers as it needs some skills and experience to work with such a distortion. Anyways, many creators use it successfully. Why do you think you are not one of them? Besides, such a lens is easy to buy.

So, how to use fisheye lens on iPhone? This is the most undervalued type of lens. Though, this is the one that can boost your creativity. Of course, you need to have at least a bit of experience with various lenses before start with a fisheye one, because it gives a lot of distortion. And this is overwhelming. Experiment and find the right scenes, where such distortion will be pleasing, widening the horizon, and leading into the picture. With some skills, you can use it as a kind of super wide-angle lens. You just need to put the horizon line in the middle to get this effect. Also, you can create astounding images with the round-shaped objects, or pointing the camera a bit upwards. Experiment! This is the right lens to do it and to obtain outstanding results!

Daily Carry & Care

Your set of lenses will be always in handy to produce outstanding pics and videos. It is a cool investment. Besides, they work with various smartphones, because they are mounted with a clip or with a special iPhone case with lens attachment. The last one you will have to change, by the way, if you change the phone.

So how to carry your lens set daily? Pay attention that almost all the manufacturers provide microfibre bags for their lenses. You just must use these if you want to protect your lenses from scratches and other damages. Also, you should carry a special microfibre tissue or better a special cleaning pen with you. To get good results, you need to clean the lens before. Take daily care of your lenses and they will serve you and your creativity for a very long time.