best used dslr camera for vlogging

The Best 3 Used DSLR Cameras for Beginners

You have already tried vlogging or photo blogging with a smartphone and now you are ready to move to another level? If yes, then you need to purchase a DSLR. But which one is the best for beginners? Will you be able to get a maximum of it from scratch if you are not a skilled specialist? In a word, what to choose? Read on, this article is here to try to make things more clear for you.

Should You Buy a Used DSLR Camera, is it a Good Idea?

Yes, for sure. It is a brilliant idea for all beginners. Why buy a used DSLR camera? There are many reasons. The most noteworthy is that you save lots of money. Cheap used DSLR cameras won’t make you broke but will give you good quality captures and all the experience and skills you need. The thing is, a new DSLR camera gives you just a few benefits over pre-owned ones. Moreover, these benefits are not noticeable to anyone but the most skilled photographers and cameramen. In a word, when you buy a used DSLR you get a still up-to-date quality product, but you pay much less. Sometimes, it is like 10 times less. If you are concerned about the lack of warranty or an absent return possibility, stop worrying. It is all about where to buy a used DSLR camera. This is not a problem when you buy from big online shops that sell second-hand electronic devices. Big and popular shops like KEH, for example, offer you not only a beneficial warranty and return policy, but also pre-examine the stuff they sell. This means that even if you don’t know what to check with a used DSLR, you get an item in a good condition.

What is the Best used DSLR camera for beginners?

There are so many decent cameras on the second-hand market that there is a problem of choice. Especially, it concerns the novices who try to find their first DSLR. Yes, it is hard to choose. So, for the first time, you can narrow your choice to two giant manufacturers Canon and Nikon. They both are famous for high-quality long-life cameras. And if you read on, you will get some suggestions on which models you should pay your attention to.

ImageNamesensor resolutionsensor sizevideo resolution
used сanon eos 5d mark iiCanon EOS 5D Mark II – Best Used Entry-Level 4K DSLR Vlogging Camera21.1 MP 24 x 36 mm, CMOS FHD at 30fps
used сanon eos rebel t6iCanon EOS Rebel T6i – Cheap Used DSLR Camera Under $200 with Flip Screen24.2 MP 22.3 x 14.9 mm, CMOS FHD and HD at 30fps
used nikon d3500Nikon D3500 – Best Value Used Digital Camera Under $30024.0 MP 23.5 x 15.6 mm, APS-C FHD and HD at 60/50fps

Let’s not talk much about its specifications as you can see them in any pre-owned camera shop. Let’s get to know why this one, which was released more than ten years ago, is still valuable and much appreciated. More, it is considered to be the best cheap used DSLR camera. This cam has a 21.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, 9 AF points plus 6 AF assist points, a vast ISO Range of 100-25600, essential EOS technologies, big and bright LCD, a 98% coverage viewfinder. And, it supports Live View shooting, Live View HD videos, etc. This sounds good even after all these years.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II is still a good idea for high standard images and videos. Thanks to its advanced sensor, you can capture the slightest details or get an impressive bokeh with a milky gradient. The video function is also very decent as it gives a cinematic effect to the footages. Canon EOS 5D Mark II is one of the best budget DSLR for video. And yes, this model gives good results also in the low-light conditions. This is pretty much everything a beginner might need.


Dimensions 152 x 114 x 75 mm
Weight 850g
Memory Card SD/SDHC
LCD 3.0 inch fixed, 640 × 480
Sensor Resolution 21.1 MP
Sensor Size 24 x 36 mm, CMOS
Video Resolution FHD at 30fps
Autofocus 15-point AF, TTL phase detection
ISO 100 to 25,600
Max Image Size 5,616 × 3,744px
Viewfinder Optical pentaprism
Connectivity HDMI or USB 2.0


  • Full HD video quality is excellent
  • Full feature set
  • Live View with 3 AF modes
  • HD video mode
  • External microphone socket
  • Very good quality in low light conditions
  • Excellent photo quality


  • No 4K video
  • No built-in wireless controller
  • Weight

Here is what we can consider the best used Nikon DSLR to buy so far. This camera has two major pros. The first is its price. If you buy a second-hand Nikon D3500, it will cost you less than $300. The second pro is in its battery. Or, to be more exact, in the long battery life. It allows you to make up to 1,500 shots before it needs to be recharged. Agree, this is more than most more recent devices can offer. The quality of the image is also way more than just acceptable. What is more, Nikon D3500 was built for the newbies, so you won’t have trouble using it. It is very simple to handle.

Long story short, pre-owned camera Nikon D3500 is a brilliant choice for entry-level photographers. It performs very well providing great captures. It is simple to use. And, it doesn’t cost a fortune.


Dimensions 124 x 97 x 69.5 mm
Weight 415g
LCD 3.0-inch fixed, 921K dots
Sensor Resolution 24.0 MP
Sensor Size 23.5 x 15.6 mm, APS-C
Video Resolution FHD and HD at 60/50fps
Autofocus 11-point AF, 1 cross-type
ISO 100 to 25,600
Max Image Size 6,000 x 4,000px
Viewfinder Optical pentamirror
Connectivity Bluetooth


  • Affordable price
  • Battery life is amazing 1,550 shots
  • Full HD 1080p at up to 60/50fps
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Guide Mode for begginers


  • No 4K video
  • Outdated 11-point AF system
  • Bluetooth connection, no Wi-Fi

Do you think it is not the best used digital camera? Well, maybe. Maybe this model is not as great as the previous ones, it is still a significant upgrade from a smartphone. What will you like about it? For sure, you will love its intuitive interface, perfect control, and a massive 24.2MP sensor. Altogether with a decent live focus and low-light focusing it will deliver an impressive image quality. If we are talking about video, Canon EOS Rebel T6i is also a good beginners’ choice as it is capable to shoot astounding 1080p clips. Of course, it is not the 4K quality but still… It is one cool DSLR for vlogging, for instance.

And, of course, one of the main pros of Canon EOS Rebel T6i is its price. So far, it is the best used DSLR under $200. And it is a real good entry-level camera, which is worth checking out.


Dimensions 129.6 x 99.7 x 77.9 mm
Weight 485g
Memory Card SDHC
LCD Fully articulated 7.5cm (3.0") TFT, 1,040k dots
Sensor Resolution 24.2 MP
Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9 mm, CMOS
Video Resolution FHD and HD at 30fps
Autofocus 19-point phase-detect
ISO 100 to 25,600
Max Image Size 6,000 x 4,000px
Viewfinder Optical pentamirror
Connectivity Wi-Fi and NFC


  • Affordable price
  • 19-point autofocus system
  • 3" fully articulating touchscreen LCD
  • Manual exposure control
  • Microphone jack
  • Wi-Fi/NFC connection


  • Full HD video tops out at 30fps
  • Poor battery life when compared to rivals

What to Look for When Buying Used DSLR?

After you decide which type of used DSLR camera you want to buy, there appears another question. What should I look for when buying a used camera? How to check it out? What shall I pay attention to? Don’t worry. If you are buying from a trusted online shop for second-life electronics, be sure that most of the goods have been checked previously by professionals. But anyways, familiarize yourself with our short checklist. It will help you to examine and test the pre-owned DSLR cam of your choice. Perform a visual inspection of the item. Make sure that there are no cracks, fungus and other serious damages on all the terminals, lenses, etc. Check if the battery, the battery charges, and all the slots function normally. Try to charge the camera and then use it for a while paying attention to how fast the battery energy disappears. Also, test if the cam works with your memory card, and, of course, try how the camera works with your lenses if you have any. Take several videos and many photos. It allows checking how the flash, LCD-display, all the buttons, the viewfinder, the focusing, and other stuff work. Inspect the sensor. You can do it using special presets while shooting. All the detailed information can be easily found on the web or YouTube. Check for shutter count. You can do it using special apps or using online services on official websites of most manufacturers. How many shutter count is too much? An average camera has a life of around 200,000 300,000 shutter actuations. So, your second-hand DSLR to buy should have 50-60,000 actuations as a maximum. The fewer, the better.

Be an informed buyer not to get into trouble with any electronics, whether it is new or used. Most DSLR camera manuals are accessible online for free. Check them out before you buy or test the camera. Thus you will know the camera functions and what you have to check while testing it.