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Top 7 Best iPhone Camera Lens Attachments for Video

Your iPhone is a great helper in everyday life. And it is one of your crucial tools if you are a vlogger, live-streamer, or photoblogger. Even if you are just a beginner, you already know that due to the high connectivity, pocket-size, and “smartness” of your iPhone, it is a preferred device in many situations and locations. Though, not everyone realizes that one can literally turn a smartphone into a pro camera. How? Just getting an add-on lens for iPhone camera. It can guarantee great results. Read on and you will find some suggestions on the best iPhone camera attachments that will ease your job and boost the quality of your content.

Best iPhone Camera Lens Attachments

So, as we have already mentioned, the good news is that your iPhone is already great for vlogging, also for live streams and shooting mini-movies. However, it can be even better. You just need to upgrade it with proper smartphone filmmaking accessories. Though, it is hard to find that best video recording lens for iPhone, or the best lens for portrait, or any other purpose of yours. Which trademark to choose? How to not overpay? Where the purchase is secure? To help you with all this stuff and save you many hours (or even days), we have made a list of the most efficient smartphone camera lens for various purposes. Check it out to quickly find the best iPhone lens attachment to cover your needs.

If you are looking for a wide lens for iPhone, look no more. Moment 18mm Wide Lens is not just a piece of glass, it is a serious lens, but for a smartphone camera. A great result is guaranteed if you upgrade your equipment set with this wide eye lens for the iPhone. The thing is long-lasting as it is made of aerospace-grade metal and hand-polished glass. The problem is that you need to buy a special case for your phone if you plan to use Moment 18mm Wide Lens or other Moment lenses. It is the only way to mount this lens on the iPhone. Though, such a case doesn’t cost much but makes the whole process much more comfortable.


  • Works with iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and OnePlus phones but requires Moment case
  • Cinema quality glass
  • Metal body
  • Easy to attach

Have no doubts, Moment 58mm Tele Lens is better than your phone’s native tell. This is a serious lens made for smartphones to get pro-level results. And if you ask professionals and seasoned vloggers, they will tell you that this is the best and the sharpest telephoto lens you can get for your iPhone. It is perfect for portrait and landscape pictures, but not only. It will be much in handy for those who shoot videos. This is one stable telephoto lens that covers a long distance, gets that subject sharp, and produces blurred background if you need a cinematic image for your clip.


  • Works with iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and OnePlus phones, requires Moment case
  • Most effective with single-lens portrait modes
  • Delivers equally stellar sharpness
  • Perfect for adventurers or fashion vloggers

All the photographers and vloggers who have “style” use Moment Anamorphic Lens. Why? This anamorphic lens for iPhone transforms your usual smartphone camera to a cinematic camera. Though, if course, this requires a bit of effort. This lens “squeezes” the horizontal field of view creating a pretty weird image that you have to “de-squeeze” it with so you get that stylish cinematic look. It is easy to do even on a phone. You just need an editing app or software. Of course, there are anamorphic lenses of other trademarks on the market, but if you are looking for the “golden standard” you better opt for Moment lenses. The quality is top-notch and the price is affordable.


  • Turns normal phone video into a 16:9
  • 2:40:1 Cinemascope
  • 1.33x magnification
  • Great for phone videography

If you need an exceptionally wide-angle lens and want to be more creative shooting vlogs, Moment 14mm Fisheye Lens is the right choice for you even if many professionals doubt that beginners can handle fisheye lenses. Be brave! After all, everyone had many unsuccessful trials with this type of lens before they have become experts. Moment 15mm Fisheye Lens will widen your horizons. And it will serve you for years as it is a serious lens made of high-quality materials.


  • 170-degree field of view
  • Optimized for camera phones created 2018 and newer
  • Perfect for crazy action and architecture

That is all about perfect macro photography with the iPhone. Moment Macro Lens is right what you need if you are planning to shoot small objects really close and in detail. Moment Macro Lens is one of a kind high-quality optic device as it allows you to take DSLR-quality pics and videos with your smartphone camera, keeping vivid colors, form, sharpness, and creating a fantastic bokeh. Due to the extremely short focal distance, its 10x optical zoom, this iPhone close up lens enhances the image output of an iPhone and gives you a possibility to get a picture of the smallest color and form nuances of, for example, flowers, insects, or even jewelry. It is like discovering a whole new universe in the familiar and usual things.


  • 10X macro with 18.5mm flange working distance
  • Works with iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and OnePlus
  • Captures the tiniest details
  • Great for nature lovers and food photographers

This set of some of the best iPhone camera attachments ever is much beloved by smartphone vloggers as it provides great results, lets you show your creativity, fits comfortably in your hand. This kit consists of almost all the essentials to shoot stabilized vlogging videos and take outstanding photos: a multi-device clip, lenses, a universal clamp, a pivot, mounts. It is perfect to start with. It is easy to use, ideally adjustable and gives perfect results. The kit includes three high-quality iPhone add-on lenses: a super-wide one, a fisheye one, and a 15x macro lens, which is inside the fisheye clip. Thus, you get the main professional camera lens for iPhone to create all types of photos and videos with all the possible comfort. Plus, the set has probably the best price-quality ratio.


  • Works with IOS and Android smartphones
  • Multi-element coated glass optics
  • Includes a multi-device clip, fisheye, super-wide and macro lenses
  • Works with both front & rear cameras
  • Bonus Bluetooth remote shutter

This thing is pretty unusual, but it is a great helper for travel vloggers and bloggers. And yes, it inspires creating something beyond usual. This is a monocular that allows you to see the far-away views and objects from a big distance, and make a high-quality shooting of them. Everything that was unreachable before is now all for you and your followers. It makes everything 12X close without distorting the overall image, which comes clear and bright. You definitely need it, especially if you record the wildlife (including birds), nature scenery, sports.


  • 12X50 high power magnification
  • Waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof design
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones on the market
  • Can be equipped with a phone holder and a handled tripod
  • Perfect for hunting, birdwatching, ball games, filming wildlife and scenery on camera phone

Should I get a lens for my iPhone for YouTube video filming?

Yes. There are no doubts that a good quality lens can improve the overall image of your videos. You just need to make the right choice according to your needs and aims. A bit of training with your iPhone camera attachments and here you are, shooting excellent clips.

In this article, we have gathered all the best iPhone lens for live video and capturing videos, and for taking great photos. Be sure to pick some of them. And, don’t miss our “How to Use Camera Lens with iPhone” article where you will get to know more about how and where to use this or that type of lens, and get some tips on how to take care of them daily.