best camera for vlog moms

How to Choose the Best Camera for Parenting Vlogs?

You shouldn’t be a YouTube mom or a father with a dad blog to look up for a great camera. Every moment of your children’s life is precious so why not catch it on a beautiful picture to a cute or funny video? Why not make a high-quality family archive that different generations of your family will enjoy for years? Or, why not create a mom blog on Instagram to share beautiful moments, experience, and useful tips with the other parents? After all, if you have some good mom vlog ideas why not give them a go?

Whatever is your idea, we are at the point when you need to choose a camera, right? Choosing a camera you should stick to your needs and your capabilities. If you don’t have any possibility to take a bulky DSLR with yourself everywhere, don’t buy it. Get something lighter and portable for yourself. But if you are planning to improve your photo skills and take pictures of your child in a photo studio, DSLR is probably the best choice ever. Yes, as you see, it is not that easy to choose the best camera for parents, especially if it is your first experience with taking soooo many pictures for your family archives or the first trials to make a vlog. Read on and let’s get to know more about different types of cameras.

What should I look for when buying a “camera for parents”?

  1. Size and weight. Agree, it is not comfortable to bring a bulky camera to your everyday walks or a picnic, or a trip with your kid. Don’t forget that apart from a camera you take lots of stuff even to a routine daily walk: snacks, tissues, suncream, diapers or/and spare clothes, toys, tissues, etc. So, when buying a camera, check out its dimensions and weight. It must be comfortable for you.
  2. If you are planning not only taking pics but also to record videos, check if the camera you like is good for videos. At the moment, it is better to pay attention to those which are good to shoot 4K videos.
  3. Choose a camera according to your skills. If you don’t know how to handle a professional camera and use its multiple features, you better opt for one which already provides you with automatic modes and is easier to use. For example, if you don’t have experience in photography and not planning to turn it to a serious hobby, you better prefer a point-and-shoot or a mirrorless camera to a DSLR one.
  4. Find some information about the type of camera you are going to buy. You should know which features are crucial to this or that type of camera. Thus, you can choose a better model for yourself. You can check our articles where we explain complicated things simple and give suggestions on how to choose various cams. Most of them will fit you perfectly because one normally has more or less the same requirements for a camera for parents and a camera for vlogging.
  5. Pay attention to the connectivity of your future camera. You don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to transfer files to your computer, do you?

Choose a perfect vlogging camera for yourself

DSLR: studio-quality photos

canon eos 90d
If you are planning to take lots of pictures at home, some nice studios, or other locations, to turn photography into a serious hobby or to become a mom with a vlog, this can be a good choice. A DSLR camera is a professional camera. Keep it in mind, when you buy it. Having this camera you constantly will have to improve your photography skills, learn how to adjust setting there to get the most of it. If it’s right what you need, go for it. And don’t forget to check out our tips on choosing your first DSLR cam and buying it cheaper and safe.

Mirrorless Camera: cool photos & videos of your family

olympus om d e m10 mark III
Modern mirrorless cameras are more compact than DSLR, but normally produce pictures and videos of the same or even better quality. So, it is easier to take such a camera for a walk or on a small trip. Also, it is a bit easier to use such a camera due to the autofocusing system. In comparison with a DSLR cam with all the manual controls, focusing on a mirrorless one is easier, faster, and adjustable with just a tap on its LCD screen. Automatic face and eye detection guarantee that you get sharp and clear pics. And, by the way, many YouTubers and other serious content creators opt for this type of camera. So, if one day you are up to start your baby blog or a mommy vlog, a mirrorless camera will become your main tool and the best helper.

Point and shoot camera: high-quality pics & vids easily

panasonic gx9
This is probably the best parent camera. Well, it is a perfect option for most moms and dads. Don’t listen to those pro photographers who tell you that this type of camera is no good. Yes, the capacity of a point and shoot cam is normally a bit lower than the capacity of a DSLR, for example. Though, most vloggers and YouTubers start their careers with such a cam as it still produces great pictures and videos. And for you, it might be a perfect choice because it is easy to use. All the presets are done. You just switch between the automatic modes to capture all the precious moments. You need any special knowledge or skills to handle a point and shoot camera. Besides, it is small and light enough to fit into your pocket or purse. A perfect combo for taking high-quality pics of your children everywhere, isn’t it?

Camera phone: your everyday camera

google pixel 4 xl
If you think that your phone is no good for taking great pics and shooting amazing videos for your family archive or YouTube mom channel, you probably have a wrong smartphone. Or a pretty old one. Most of the newest smartphones are perfect for these purposes. You just need to choose one which matches both the main criteria for a good camera phone and your budget. Cameraphones are easy to use, portable and multifunctional. And yes, they are capable to produce good photos and videos, especially if you get some extras for it, like lenses and gimbals (discover more in our phone camera gear guide “The Best Smartphone Filmmaking Equipment Starter Kit“).

As you see, you have a pretty wide choice. For sure, you will find something that fits you the most: functionality, size, price. The busy or lazy ones can check out our suggestions on good cameras of various types. We have selected the best for you, and the for best price.