About Us

Hi there, guys!

Here are Alex and Nick, two tech enthusiasts who are into blogging. VlogsLab is a source for the seasoned YouTubers and blogging wannabes. We make various articles to tell you about awesome filmmaking tools, techniques, and tips. We want to share our experience, ideas and new information we get while developing photo and video blogging skills. Also, here you will find a camera and gear buyer’s guides which are to help you to choose devices to meet all your needs as a blogger or photoblogger.

As filmmaking wannabes, we have been spending days to find the best affordable equipment, to find stuff that really helps to improve our skills and upgrade the overall quality of the photo and video materials. This is a long and hard process as you need to learn the tech basics, then to study the specifications of all the products you might like and need. And in the very end, it is not easy to make the right choice, especially having a limited budget. We are very aware of this painstaking research among this huge market of photo and video capture devices, and we want to help you with it. We just share our knowledge and experience to save your time and mental health.

VlogsLab does everything to provide you with the specific technical information explained simply, the best vlogging tips, definitive lists of the best products for your photo or video blogging gear. We study all the available information about the vlogging equipment and user reviews to discover the best devices and to test them afterward. When the job is done, we share all the information with you, so you don’t need to spend days or even weeks to complete your “vlogging toolkit”. Be sure to use the results of our work to ease your life!

Yes, here you will find some product suggestions and links to markets. First and foremost, they are placed here to be sure you easily find this or that product for an unbeatable price. Second, we suggest only trusted market places where you will feel safe and get all possible guarantees, warranty, payment protection, and good service.

Yes, we make our living with affiliate programs, but it is not an obstacle to write honest and unbiased articles. We want you to become a successful vlogger or to enjoy your hobby to the most! And if you want to thank us for our work, just consider buying your equipment through our affiliate links if the price and service satisfy you. Thanks. And good luck!